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Insta Cards


Thick Fine Art Card


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Create photo prints with Photobook Designer


Insta Card Details

  • Printing Time
    2-3 Business Days
  • Customization

    Personalization is key. That is why with our editor, you are able to add your favourite photos, include text with different font types, use our wide array of page styles, backgrounds and scrapbook items to form your unique photo print.

Suggested Accessory(s): WOOD STAND

It's a handsome presence to have on your desk as you keep your favourite photos nearby. Featuring a chamfer edge and all-natural pine wood, it's an elegant companion to some of our more popular pocket-sized mementos.

Wood Stand is available for the following products:
  • Insta Cards 4" x 4" Square (fit up to 18 pcs)
  • Insta Cards 3.75" x 5" Maxi (fit up to 18 pcs)
  • Photo Prints 4R (fit up to 20 pcs)
  • Photo Prints 5R (fit up to 20 pcs)
  • Metal Print 5" x 5"

*Add-on available upon check out.

Fully Personalized Insta Cards

For moments when the entire family photo album just wouldn’t fit into your purse, we give you Insta Cards! Craft fully personalizable Insta Cards at Photobook America and see how these clever-sized photo cards are a fantastic way to show off your favourite memories with style, no matter where you find yourself. Their unique and nifty sizes make it ideal and easy to carry everywhere you go, perfect for just about any occasion and any photos that you would want to celebrate. Whether it’s for photos taken at a party, selfies captured at a football game or even just pictures from a random day’s outing, you can design them in the comforts of wherever you may be. Whether at home in Iowa, at work in New Mexico, or even as you shop in Kentucky.

Place it in your breast pocket or wallet, make it into a bookmark, stick it in your car or even make it into a unique call card. Take creative full control over your designs through a wide range of backgrounds, layouts and scrap elements. Available in a variety of sizes to suit all your needs, it also features a writable surface to add to the fun! Part of our Stationery collection, click HERE to see more of what we have to offer you. So go on right ahead and get started, whether you’re at home in Iowa, at work in New Mexico, or even as you shop in Kentucky, it’s just a few easy clicks of your mouse to craft fully personalizable Insta Cards at Photobook America.