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Create photo prints with Photobook Designer

Design Tips

Fully customize it using the Photobook Designer. Printing is done on both sides so apply your designs evenly, minding both front and back. The Bookmarks are arranged in sequence, with odd numbered pages as the front side while even numbered pages being the back.

The single design allows for one specific design across all your bookmarks while the multiple design enables for a unique design on each individual bookmark. Take your pick of the layouts provided and just drag and drop your photos, arranging them in any way you want.


Bookmark Details

  • Printing Time
    2-3 Business Days
  • Customization

    Personalization is key. That is why with our editor, you are able to add your favourite photos, include text with different font types, use our wide array of page styles, backgrounds and scrapbook items to form your unique photo print.

Fully Personalizable Bookmarks

Keep track of the tales you read by crafting fully personalizable Bookmark designs online at Photobook America. Like any of our other Photo Products, you can craft designs based on your favorite novels, themes, or even laying down sweet memories of your best moments. Put in the photos of you spending the day together with your loved ones in Alabama or when you and your buddies graduated from school in Michigan. Create a single design for yourself, or multiple designs in a set, with a choice of either 14 or 29 pieces as a gift for others or to simply bookmark your many different books.

Each Bookmark piece measures at 2″ x 6″, which leaves room for the written word. Write down a favorite quote or a caption to compliment it. It’s made from Uncoated Smooth paper that gives your Bookmark a fantastic color scheme, a premium quality feel and an absolute comfort to write on. Take the personalization further by adding masks and scrapbook items that come free with the Photobook Designer. Just click HERE to read more about the Designer. So whether you’re just putting in a day spent with loved ones in Alabama or photos of a graduation in Michigan, get a little closer to the tales you’re reading when you create fully personalizable Bookmark designs online at Photobook America.